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K-Pop Group Seventeen Sends a Microphone Into Space For Their ‘God of Music’ Music Video


If you’ve watched Seventeen’s ‘God of Music’ music video, then you may have noticed the scene where a disco-ball-inspired microphone was floating into space. No, it’s not CGI, that was an actual microphone that the K-pop group sent to space!

K-Pop Group Seventeen Sends A Microphone Into Space For Their 'God of Music' Music Video

The idea of launching a microphone into space was pitched by Korean production company SL8. After getting the green light, SL8 and Seventeen partnered with company Sent Into Space, the world’s leading provider of commercial Near Space launches.

Once the engineers of Sent Into Space received the disco ball microphone, the team started building a custom spacecraft that would help launch it into space safely and securely, keeping in mind that it has to look good in front of the camera.

K-Pop Group Seventeen Sends A Microphone Into Space For Their 'God of Music' Music Video

Sent Into Space launched the microphone at one of the specialist’s sites in Derbyshire, UK on October 10. The launch was successful thanks to the team’s nifty design and idea of attaching the spacecraft delivering the microphone to a high-altitude balloon filled with hydrogen gas and fastening the mic with discreet carbon fiber rods.

This allowed the microphone to ascend to over 113,000 feet and stay in space for over two hours. After garnering enough footage, the microphone made its descent back to Earth on the same day it was launched. The floating microphone can be seen from the 3:15-3:19 mark of the Seventeen’s music video.

While this stunt was more for marketing, Sent Into Space also conducts other projects that help in progressing scientific and aerospace research. The company also does educational projects, space cinematography for documentaries and cinema, and now even ash scattering memorial services.

Naomi Feller

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