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Apple’s iPhone 16 Microphone is Rumored to Get New Upgrades


Not long after the release of the iPhone 15, Apple is already planning to make upgrades for the new model next year starting with the iPhone 16 microphone. The upgraded microphone is expected to be more water resistant and has a better signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for a more enhanced Siri experience.

News of the iPhone 16 microphone upgrade came from TF International Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo also expects that Apple’s iPhone 16 will integrate more AI and artificial intelligence-generated content (AIGC) in Siri as a result of AI-centric consumer trends and demands.

Apple's iPhone 16 Microphone is Rumored to Get New Upgrades

If rumors and reports regarding the microphone upgrade are true, then we can expect that the iPhone will be able to churn out even better sound quality than what it’s already capable of. It’s also worth taking note that the last time the iPhone microphone got a major upgrade was when Apple released the iPhone 14 Pro. Hence, we can hear a great audible difference in sound quality from the iPhone 16.

In any case, while the iPhone 16 is not yet out, you can improve the sound quality of your current model by configuring its settings or investing in a great iPhone microphone. We also have an article on how to record excellent audio and video on an iPhone, which can be used as a reference guide for any model.

Ash Burnett

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