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Logitech’s Newly Released Blue Sona XLR Microphone is Every Content Creator’s Dream


Logitech may have just made every content creator’s dream mic with their newly released Blue Sona XLR Microphone.

Since the foundation of Logitech in 1981, the Swiss company has been focused on innovation and quality with products and solutions that can have an everyday place in people’s lives. Fast forward to today, the company has been listening to a specific market that has been growing in numbers and is widely influential — content creators.

With the creation of Logitech For Creators, a brand extension of Logitech, the company has been making products and programs specifically designed to empower content creators. The latest product innovation released by Logitech for Creators is the Blue Sona XLR Microphone, which can arguably be the microphone of every content creator’s dreams.

Logitech's Newly Released Blue Sona XLR Microphone is Every Content Creator's Dream

The Logitech Blue Sona XLR Microphone is designed to help content creators achieve superior studio-quality audio recordings even in the comfort of their own homes. The streaming and broadcasting microphone boasts an advanced built-in ClearAmp technology, a dual-diaphragm capsule, and a super-cardioid polar pattern that allow the mic to be used for streaming, podcasting, gaming, and creating video content on a sound quality that is professional-level.

With a +25dB gain boost, the Blue Sona XLR Microphone doesn’t even need an external mic booster unlike other XLR mics in the market. Even with the ability to sensitively pick up sound, this microphone has the ability to reject ambient noises such as any keyboard clicks, vibrations, taps, and other unwanted noise.

Keeping content creators, especially live streamers in mind, the Blue Sona XLR Microphone has a 290-degree swivel mount that will allow the user to position the microphone in any position regardless of the desktop setup — a dream for lefties or righties! This feature also allows the microphone to be less obtrusive in the camera while maintaining an optimal place for the sound pick-up.

Although, the sleek design of the Blue Sona XLR Microphone will probably make content creators want to include it in the video. In fact, the microphone comes in graphite and off-white color options with windscreens that can be changed to red or graphite, allowing content creators the option to choose which design will fit their branding or aesthetic.

One might think that connecting the Blue Sona may be a hassle since it’s an XLR microphone, but Logitech for Creators has made the setup easy by integrating the microphone with common audio interfaces and external mixers. However, the XLR cable and audio interface are sold separately.

The Blue Sona XLR Microphone does come at a hefty price of $349.99. But given the features and performance, this microphone may be a great investment for content creators. Should this be outside your range of budget, there are other microphones for YouTube content creation that are also great in performance and quality.

Ash Burnett

Hailing from Chicago, IL - Ash made his break into journalism at the age of 23 writing music reviews for a local website. Now in his late 30's and after being pulled closer towards the technical side of the music and live gig industry, he founded Shout4Music to write thorough microphone reviews.

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