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Solid State Logic Launches Its Multipurpose SSL CONNEX USB Mic


With over 50 years of industry experience, Solid State Logic launches the USB mic of all USB mics —the SSL CONNEX.

While USB microphones are preferred by many because of their convenience and affordability, they are not exactly known for their superb sound quality compared to other professional microphone types. This is why users of this recording equipment often research how to get their USB mic to sound its best. Aside from this, USB mics are plug-and-play recording devices, which limits them in terms of functions in exchange for portability.

Needless to say, USB mics still have their merit and are great recording devices. Although, wouldn’t it be great to have one USB mic that can do it all and more? This is what Solid State Logic aims to fulfill by creating the SSL CONNEX portable USB mic.

Four Specially Defined User Modes of the SSL CONNEX

Solid State Logic Launches Their Multipurpose SSL CONNEX USB Mic

Hailed by the company as “the ultimate portable problem solver” USB mic, the SSL CONNEX can enhance sound for work, play, and everything in between thanks to its advanced quad microphone and four specially defined user modes.

The cone-shaped USB mic is designed to give you an immersive recording setting whether you are at home creating, in a loud coffee shop conducting a group conference call, or in a studio jamming with the band as the four user modes will allow you to access individual mic sources according to the application. Let’s take a look at each mode.

Solo Mode

Solid State Logic Launches Their Multipurpose SSL CONNEX USB Mic

The Solo Mode is optimized for a single sound source, which is perfect for when you are conducting a solo recording session wherein you plan on directly speaking to the front of the USB mic. Thanks to its cone-shaped design, the SSL CONNEX will be able to block out any unwanted sounds coming from the back and sides of the USB mic so you are assured that you will be heard loud and clear in your recording.

Group Mode

The Group Mode enables the SSL CONNEX to pick up multiple speakers or sound sources coming from different corners while still blocking unwanted background noise. This mode is particularly designed for spoken sound sources and applications such as round table conferences, team meetings, and live streaming with multiple presenters.

Vocal Mode

The Vocal Mode makes use of the SSL EQ and dynamics processing algorithms to help enhance a live recording or stream. When in Vocal Mode, the SSL CONNEX will block sound sources coming from the sides and rear of the USB mic so your vocal performance or recording will sound at its best.

Music Mode

Solid State Logic Launches Their Multipurpose SSL CONNEX USB Mic

The Music Mode is specially designed for recording music and instruments. When recording a group in this mode, the SSL CONNEX will adjust the mic sensitivity so it may reduce the noise floor and background noise. Unlike other studio microphones that will require you to choose between a condenser mic or dynamic mic, the SSL CONNEX can record both acoustic instruments and vocals at the same time.

Proving to be user-friendly, the SSL CONNEX USB mic will indicate which mode you are in as they are color-coded. The touch-sensitive top interface of the SSL CONNEX allows you to switch through modes and depending on which you land on, the color will change accordingly. All modes feature an advanced immersive setting so you can get spatial-quality recordings no matter the application.

As if these modes alone are not enough to prove how multipurpose the SSL CONNEX is, this USB mic also has an optimized mixer setting, a loopback option for ambient monitoring, and gives you the option to choose between ‘Cough Switch’ and ‘Push to Talk’ for moments when you want to temporarily mute and unmute the mic.

In terms of setup, the SSL CONNEX retains the convenience of what any other USB mic can give. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac OS and can be directly plugged into a laptop or USB tablet. It even has a 3.5mm headphone output and a camera tripod thread in its base in case you would like to use a mic stand for mounting.

Although the SSL CONNEX may be priced slightly at the higher end, one could say that all these features while retaining the convenience of a USB mic justifies the introductory price of $150 and the regular price of $199.

If you’re looking for a simpler but still quality USB mic, then you may want to check out our guide on the best USB microphones.

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