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Which Type of Microphone is Best for Computer Voice Chat?


With a hybrid work or school setting becoming a norm, it’s now a necessity to invest in the right type of microphone for computer voice chat. As more meetings, sessions, and quick catch-ups are being conducted over voice chat, it’s only right to make sure that your microphone is the right one for such an application.

As there are many types of microphones for varying applications, we will only focus on the best microphone type specifically for computer voice chat in this guide.

USB Microphones

Which Type of Microphone is Best for Computer Voice Chat?

When it comes to choosing a PC microphone, the USB mic is often the best and most common choice. For reasons such as convenience, versatility, and price, USB microphones are the go-to for both professionals and amateurs.

These all-around but on-the-go plug-and-play mics make them a great choice for recording music, content creation, gaming, and of course, computer voice chat.

Coming in all shapes, sizes, and weights, there is sure to be a USB microphone for everyone and every PC of choice. While entry-level or affordable USB mics tend to have a lesser sound quality, they still make for great recording devices for voice chats, conference calls, and streaming.

However, some high-end models can produce professional-quality audio that can even pass studio recording standards.

Regardless of the model you opt for, you can always elevate the audio quality of your USB mic by investing in accessories such as a windscreen or pop filter. Although, most new models already come with these accessories, making this type of mic all the more a great choice!

Headset Microphones

Which Type of Microphone is Best for Computer Voice Chat?

If you want your mic to not only be used for computer voice chat but also gaming, then consider looking into headsets. This type of mic already come with built-in headphones, pop filters, and windscreens. You also get to keep your hands free in case you are one to animate and use your hands while talking.

Another plus for headsets is the desk space it will save you as the microphone will be resting on top of your head instead. This can be extra useful for when you need to take down handwritten notes while on voice chat as you won’t need to move the microphone as needed thus, no worries about accidentally moving it from its optimal position.

However, you will need to be wary of the proper placement of headsets so your voice won’t sound too loud as the mic can be too close to your mouth. One thing you will also need to take note of is the comfort of headsets. If you will be using them for long as you plan to have lengthy voice chats, then make sure you choose a headset that is not too heavy and has comfortable padding.

XLR Microphones

Which Type of Microphone is Best for Computer Voice Chat?

While XLR microphones require more time and effort in setting up, they are surely worth it once you hear the sound quality of your voice chat and recordings.

Although this type of microphone is on the expensive side, it can be worth the investment if you also plan on using your microphone for other applications such as content creation, streaming, and studio recording on a professional level.

Choose an XLR microphone if you also have enough space for it as this type of mc will often require a boom arm and extra hardware. More often than not, you will also need to make use of phantom power to turn these on.

If that sounds like more work than necessary for a voice chat application, it probably is. However, it will all pay off for the best audio quality possible. Rest assured, you will also be using an XLR microphone for other applications once you hear how great you sound using one!

Final Note

Which Type of Microphone is Best for Computer Voice Chat?

The three aforementioned are also the best types of PC microphones and with good reason. To help you further in choosing between the three, check out our guide on how to pick the best microphone for computer recording.

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