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Commanders Quarterback Sam Howell Wears Mic in Practice To Call Plays and Run Huddles


Similar to how Quarterback Steve DeBerg once led the 49ers to victory with a microphone, the Commanders quarterback Sam Howell is following suit by using a mic to call out plays and run huddles during practice this offseason.

Commanders Quarterback, Sam Howell, Wears a Microphone in Practice To Call Plays and Run Huddles

The Commanders have been evaluating and giving feedback on Sam Howell, and one of the positive reviews he has been getting is how makes calls and engages with the players on the field by using a microphone. It has been noted that since wearing a microphone, Howell can be heard more clearly by the other 10 players in the field and that communication is going well.

“It’s real interesting to watch the way you can see him stepping into the huddle. He’s taking charge, taking command”, says head coach Ron Rivera. Sam Howell comments how he was “kind of shocked” to hear such a plan to have him wear a microphone in practice but that it has been “fun to hear their feedback” thus far.

Ash Burnett

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